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EU between China and US: policy and commercial response

online event (in English)
The association "Rethinking Economics Bocconi Students" organizes a talk on the future of the European Union between China and US. 

0-5th         Greetings
5-20th       Introduction: State of the art of international trade policies of US and China, including Biden policies 
20-35th     First part: The current EU positioning and the ongoing EU policies   
35-50th     Second part: Possible alternative EU policies, also in light of the coordination issues among Member States 
50-60th     Questions

  • Alessia Amighini: Co-Head of Asia Centre and Senior associate research fellow at ISPI
  • Elisa Borghi: Lecturer of Economics, Bocconi University
  • Gianmarco Ottaviano: Professor of Economics, Cattedra Achille e Giulia Boroli at Bocconi University 
  • Davide Suverato, Senior researcher in Economics, ETH Zurich and research affiliate at the Cattedra Achille e Giulia Boroli at Bocconi University