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International Trade and International Investment Gianmarco I.P. Ottaviano, 2020 Edward Elgar Pub.

Description: "This comprehensive collection highlights the core debates on international trade and investment, covering main issues such as welfare gains and losses, trade patterns and international transaction interventions. Reflecting an unprecedented wave of studies on these topics in recent decades, this collection collates central and timely literature on these important topics. The insights contained in the selection of papers in this volume are the products of a unique period for academic research in international economics and so alongside an original introduction by the editor, this authoritative collection makes the perfect source of reference for scholars and students alike."
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Geografia Economica dell’Europa Sovranista, Gianmarco Ottaviano, 2019 Laterza
(Italian version)


Economics and Policies of an Enlarged Europe, Carlo Altomonte, Mario Nava, 2006 Edward Elgar Pub.

Increasingly, policies and laws commonly agreed within the EU shape the political and economic scenarios of nation states in Europe. However, the same European context is radically changing, essentially due to three major recent developments: the adoption of the Euro, EU enlargement to the east and the implementation of the Lisbon Strategy of structural reforms for growth and competitiveness. The book presents a thorough economic analysis of these three events and of their implications for both existing and potential EU policies and objectives. Carlo Altomonte and Mario Nava have written a very rigorous text in an accessible and jargon-free style, ensuring easy acquisition of invaluable insights into the European economic set-up and the possible evolution of EU policies, including an update on the reform of the Growth and Stability Pact and of the 2007-13 Financial Perspectives. The accessibility of economic concepts combined with the methodological rigour of this up-to-date text will be of great interest to both policy makers and students.


Made in Torino? Giorgio Barba Navaretti,  Gianmarco Ottaviano,  2019 Hoepli.
(Italian version)