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European Youth Debate

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European Youth Debate

The European Youth Debate (EYD) is about to take place! Students from all over the world will take part to an intense event that is going to last three days, discussing the EU and creating concrete policy proposals.
The EYD is going to begin with an introductory conference, to which participants to the debate and anyone interested can join. You will have the chance to listen to and interact with outstanding European figures, who will give us their insights on their area of expertise under this challenging times.

The topics covered will be: Geopolitics and trade, the Reform of the European Health System, Press Relations, Communitarian Debt and Fiscal Capacity.

Join us on the 16th of April at 10:00 am for this exciting and insightful event! 
  • Carlo Altomonte: Associate Professor of Economics of European Integration at Bocconi University 
  • Alessia Mosca: Vice Secretary of Italia-ASEAN association and former MEP 
  • Carlo Cottarelli: Director of the Osservatorio Conti Pubblici Italiani of the Cattolica University 
  • Sergio Abrignani, Scientific Director of the National Institute of Molecular Genetics in Milan
  • Valentina Parasecolo: Press Agent at the European Parliament

How to join? 

Please click on this link at the time of the event.

We are looking forward to seeing many of you there…and of course in our upcoming events throughout the semester!